KPA again invited to participate in national shopping habits study


For the second straight yet, KPA getting involved in an exceptional member service that will help each of you generate more revenue in 2018.

KPA has partnered with Pulse Research to do a comprehensive shopping statewide survey of members audiences.

There is no cost to the association or you.

While on the surface it is a national shopping survey because it’s happening in numerous states, Pulse will include enough completed surveys in Kentucky to ensure the results of viable. A minimum 400 completed surveys will be done in Kentucky to make sure the results are qualified.

Late last fall, Pulse asked Kentucky Press to be involved in the survey. It was done as an online survey — notifying newspaper readers of the opportunity to do the survey by going to a website — and will be in the same format for 2018.

The survey promotion begins next week and that’s where you come in. We ask that you promote the survey in your printed product as well as online so that Kentuckians are notified of this survey opportunity. The survey will continue through the end of the year. In mid-January, Pulse will make available to KPA the survey results for Kentucky and will we be sharing with you those results so your sales force will have current shopping information to share with your advertisers.


  • Survey promotion will start October 4th and run until we reach a statewide sample of 400.
  • All we ask you to do is regularly promote the survey in your paper and on your  Website.  Here is a link to the ads:
  • Each week we will get an update from Pulse on the survey sample.
  • Pulse will deliver the survey results in Mid-January 2018 


In early 2018, your revenue teams will have current shopping information of your audience that they can use in very effective presentations to help your local businesses.

We’ll focus more on the national/Kentucky shopping habits survey next week since it doesn’t officially launch until October 4 and runs for almost three months.

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