KPA asks Governor Beshear to veto Senate Bill 48; KPA’s statement in opposition

A letter was delivered Thursday by email, by fax and by mail to Governor Andy Beshear, seeking the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 48. Included with the letter was a copy of the Kentucky Press Association’s Statement of Opposition to Senate Bill 48.

Typically, legislation can be vetoed by the governor and then the House and Senate can override the veto and it still becomes law, But in the case of SB 48, it was approved just hours before the General Assembly officially ended its 2021 30-day session. Therefore, any legislation not approved until the final two days can be vetoed by the governor and the legislature loses its chance to override.

Here’s the text of the letter delivered to Governor Beshear and then below that is a pdf of KPA’s Statement of Opposition. That statement has been sent to all Kentucky newspapers with encouragement to reprint it. Join with KPA in seeking the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 48.

April 1, 2021

Governor Andy Beshear

Governor of Kentucky

700 Capital Avenue, Suite 100

Frankfort, KY 40601

Dear Governor Beshear,


Senate Bill 48 that was rushed through in the closing hours of the 2021 Kentucky General Assembly, is a disastrous attack on Kentucky’s Open Records Law.

The bill amends the Open Records Act in unprecedented—and unnecessary—ways that will deprive the public of access to information that has long been available to it and is likely to have negative consequences for a wide range of basic commercial and governmental business across Kentucky.

The Kentucky Press Association and its 150 newspaper members across the Commonwealth request the legislation be vetoed. A Statement from the Kentucky Press Association concerning Senate Bill 48 is included with this letter.

The Kentucky Press Association appreciates your consideration of this veto request.


David T. Thompson, Executive Director

Statement of Opposition SB 48(978424.1)

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