KPA Board heading to location of 11th convention held in Glasgow in 1878

Each year, the KPA/KPS Board of Directors holds two-day retreat that begins to wrap up one year and then prepare for the coming year.

This year’s retreat, the first in-person one held since 2019 because of the pandemic, will be at Barren River State Resort Park in southern Kentucky.

KPA Immediate Past President Jeff Jobe who owns the Barren County Progress and other newspapers in the area ran across a 1878 story from the Glasgow Weekly Times about the 11th annual KPA convention being held in Glasgow, near Barren River State Park.

The story from the Weekly Times is printed below and note that travel to the event was by rail. “All the rail roads in the State have agreed to extend to the delegates the courtesy of free travel to and from the convention.” Traveling by rail was commonplace in the early days of the Kentucky Press Association, founded January 13, 1869.

Now Board members supply their own travel by personal vehicle. The retreat is scheduled for the afternoon of November 4 (Thursday) and the morning of November 5 (Friday).

2021 KPA President Sharon Burton will preside over the retreat.

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