KPA Contests: $30,000 income highest since 2008

No records but KPA News, Ad Contests boast rebound from recession

There’s still some factoring and figuring remaining as the KPA News and Ad contests deadline is here but the number of entries and income for the 2016 version will be the highest since 2008. That’s about the time the recession set in, and just like all press associations, KPA saw a decline in contest participation.

The 2016 contests will end with more than $30,000 in entry fees, short of 2008’s $34,630. In the years since, the entry fee total has not even approached $30,000.

The News Contest remains strong with more than 3,100 entries while the Ad Contest total sits at 1,200.

More than 90 newspapers registered to enter this year.

Now comes the staff’s task of assigning contest categories for the Georgia Press Association’s long list of judges. With the KPA Fall Board Retreat next week, the Georgia judges will start receiving their assignments the week of October 24. And we’re giving them until mid-November to complete the process.

Many newspapers were complimentary of the new Advanced Contest Entry System with its ease of uploading entries. The system, developed by the Illinois Press Association and used by numerous state press associations, allows newspapers to “drop and drag” their entries into appropriate categories. Previously, the KPA system required a lengthy naming system before an entry could be uploaded for judging.

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