KPA Facebook Page sets a one-week record; thanks Mark Hoskins/Manchester and thanks to Mt. Sterling Advocate intern

21,401. People Reached. That’s the mark for the past week for KPA’s Facebook Page.

Now we’ve had at least two postings in the last couple of years that had something like 12,000 People Reached. But those didn’t get a lot of support from other weekly postings that pushed the number higher.

Four items from last week’s On Second Thought that were also posted on the FBook Page topped the numbers.

• An article on Mark Hoskins and the Manchester Enterprise not being allowed to cover VP’s Mike Pence’s visit to Clay County, had 14,653 People reached and 2,500 Engagements as of this (Friday) morning. Of course, the attraction there was Mark’s Facebook posting notifying readers the powers that be refused to credential the Enterprise to cover the event. Once that was posted, Mark was notified within 15 minutes that they were credentialed but “Please take down that Facebook post.”

• Emily Patrick interned for the Mt. Sterling Advocate this summer. As we do with each KPA intern, we ask them to write a “What I Did This Summer” story that we can post to show what these interns are doing and specifically what they think about newspapers and a future career. Emily’s article had 4,541 People Reached with 1,267 Engagements.

• While still respectable for a somewhat normal week at other times, the article on Dr. Deborah Givens being elected president of the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors, had 993 People Reached and 320 Engagements.

• And a KPA promotion article on President Jay Nolan asking newspapers to get involved to promote the First Amendment by using five ads supplied from KPA got 750 People Reached.

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