KPA Focus Plan and some directives from you, our members

2017 is the year of a Focus Plan for KPA. It’s not as involved as a Strategic Plan, but involved enough that we can focus on three areas in the newspaper industry as the Board sets the course for KPA in the near future.

Ryan Craig

This project is the idea of KPA President Ryan Craig and we’ve been using a facilitator to help us see what we need to be working on and how we’re going to get there.

For this year, the three areas we’ve focused on are Technology, Advertising and Government Relations. About a month ago, our members were invited to participate in a survey. The facilitator has collated the results and gave us an overview earlier this week. There’s still more that must be accomplished in the next few weeks but the whole project goes to the full Board at its retreat October 26-27 in Berea.

Here are some of the highlights of the survey, mentioning only areas where there was a clearcut information given by our member newspapers:

• 84 percent of the newspapers allow subscribers to access their paper online

• 78 percent of the newspapers allow for digital advertising offerings

• 71 percent say that KPA/KPS should be using personal outreach to individual advertising prospects

• 75 percent want KPA/KPS to offer (sell) a good blend of print and digital advertising

• 97 percent of our newspapers want KPA to offer digital advertising training to newspaper ad staffs (and we’re working toward more digital sessions at the 2018 KPA Convention)

• 78 percent say protection of public notice requirements in newspapers has been the most beneficial lobbying focus for newspapers in the last two years

• 55 percent want KPA to establish (more) personal contact with state government agencies

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