KPA FOI Hotline: It’s there for you so use it

Access to state’s top media attorneys is just a phone call away


It’s been in place since the mid-1980s and it’s one of the more used KPA member services. The KPA Freedom of Information Hotline was created to give member newspapers quick access to the state’s top media attorneys, all at a cost of just a long distance call to Louisville. And if you use a cell phone with unlimited minutes, you probably don’t have to pay separately for that call.

To access the hotline, call the number, ask for one of the four attorneys listed below, give your name, newspaper and then ask your question or state the situation to the attorney.

It began with Kentucky’s FOI attorney, and author of the state’s Open Meetings and Open Records laws, Jon Fleischaker, and his wife Kim Greene, both the top media attorneys when the hotline was approved by the KPA Board

A service that’s offered by numerous press association, so it’s not unique, KPA’s hotline access to the attorneys is paid for by KPA. Attorneys involved currently are Jon Fleischaker, Michael Abate, Rick Adams and Casey Hinkle and they can be reached by calling 502-416-1630. Both Jon and Michael are KPA general counsels with Kaplan Johnson Abate and Bird LLP in Louisville.

They can answer, in most all cases immediately, questions about Open Meetings, Open Records, court closures, and even pre-publication articles for libel without editing the copy, libelous material in ads or other advertising issues. Most any situations newspapers face can be asked of the attorneys and unless it’s a complicated issue, they can answer the question during the call. KPA’s extent is offering the service but if the attorneys are retained to represent the newspaper, that cost will be paid by the newspaper.

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