KPA has suspended KPNS but there are options for newspapers to get a lot of ‘free’ content

Kentucky Today, Forward Kentucky, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues offer plenty of content to replace KPNS


Last week, the Kentucky Press Association Executive Committee suspended the Kentucky Press News Service. Needing to cut expenses to offset the downfall of advertising revenue, the committee had a conference call and suspending KPNS was one of the decisions put into place last Friday.

KPNS began in October 2009 to offer content from other participating newspapers for KPA members to share. It grew to include some 100 newspapers across the state and through its 10 and a half years, more than 66,000 articles were shared and another 7,000 to 8,000 editorials.

It was set up as a free service to members but within the last two years a structure was put in place to offset some of the costs associated with KPNS. That revenue, though, did not come close to offsetting the expense but the KPA Board voted to try to continue operating it.

With KPNS being suspended, that doesn’t mean the end to getting plenty of content, at no cost, for KPA members to use.

KENTUCKY TODAY — recently joined as an online publication member of the association has offered its content free to newspapers for the last two years.

Kentucky Today is already used by several KPA members and is available to any Kentucky newspaper. Kentucky Today generates a lot of original stories including its legislative coverage and other news out of Frankfort, as well as news from around the state. It is available at NO cost.
If you are interested in using Kentucky Today, email Mark Maynard — — and he will send you a daily digest early each morning.
FORWARD KENTUCKY — Another online publication, publisher Bruce Maples is offering content from ForwardKY at no cost to a KPA newspaper. Here’s an email from Bruce that includes some stories that were available on Wednesday. If you are interested, you can contact Bruce Maples at Bruce’s email:
Editors – As I mentioned in my earlier email, now that KPNS is suspended, I will send out a list of our stories that you can use on your site, with attribution. You can use an excerpt, or the entire story, as long as you attribute it to us and our writer, and link back to it. (You may want to check with me if you use the featured image as well.)
I’m thinking of sending this MWF, but will see. Note that I have no way of editing or removing you from the list, since it is KPA’s list. However, if you let me know you appreciate getting the list, I can keep sending it to you if I stop sending it to the entire list.
Here’s our list for Wednesday, April 15:

Opposition grows to Confederate flag in western Kentucky 


The newly-raised Confederate flag in Marshall County is drawing various forms of opposition from individuals and groups, including the NAACP and a former commissioner.

C’mon Kentucky – our census rates stink, especially in rural areas. Let’s do better! 

Less than half of Kentuckians have completed their census – and it’s even worse in many rural areas. Surely we can get over 50%!

Confederate flags:  Changing flags doesn’t change the facts 

If you fly a different flag, does it change what it stands for? Berry Craig gives us an excellent survey of the history behind the Confederacy and its flags. You’ll want to read and bookmark it. (Note: I listed this under News, but technically it is a backgrounder or analysis pieces. Or, you might want to list it as Commentary, since the persons quoted in the story express their opinions. Your call.)

Churches, COVID-19, and the First Amendment: An analysis 

How do we balance First Amendment rights with the public good in a pandemic? Dr. Neal Turpin looks at the issues involved and lays out some principles.

Visualization: The spread of COVID-19 in Kentucky in 21 days 


Want to see how COVID-19 has spread across the state? Here is a neat visualization using two maps three weeks apart. Pretty dramatic.


KENTUCKY HEALTH NEWS/THE RURAL BLOG — Al Cross, director of the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues offer two separate publications from which KPA members can pull copy. One is Kentucky Health News; the other is The Rural Blog. Here’s an email from Al about the two publications:

Anything on KHN and TRB has always been available for papers to use without charge, with a credit line (tag lines explaining what they are is optional). The weekly email summarizing what KHN had in the previous week goes out on Sunday nights; on occasion I have sent midweek updates, and have done that more frequently in the current situation. I try to finish our daily covid-19 update by 8 p.m. each day, but we start that in the morning and it can be fetched at any time. My State Journal intern has a couple of weeks left, and is working on legislative wrapup stories; when those are published, Steve and/or I will post them to the editors list. I am likely to have another intern in June who will provide coverage of the U.S. Senate race for Kentucky newspapers, as some of my classes have done in the past.

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