KPA News, Ad Contests officially opened; you have to register before you can do anything else



Well, I didn’t quite meet my August 1 goal of having everything posted about the 2017 KPA Contests but it was close.

Yep, it’s getting to be that time again.

The categories are the same but there have been adjustments in the Weekly and Daily divisions. The system automatically generates the divisions for Weeklies and Dailies based on the 2016 Statements of Ownership.

When you register — and you want to go ahead and do that the now — it will show what division your newspaper is entered in. If that appears to be wrong, let me know immediately.

The very first thing to do is to GET REGISTERED. You can’t do anything without registering and since it only takes a minute, well, take that minute and get it done then. Read through the categories for the contest you’ll be entering, share the categories with staff and start searching the files for what you want to enter.

The deadline to enter is October 19. Put another way the absolute deadline to enter is October 19. We’re giving you two and a half months to get your contest entries read and that is more than sufficient.

So read this allowed – THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS OF THE OCTOBER DEADLINE. So be planning now.

The fee remains $7 per entry but there is no longer a $10 per newspaper fee.

Here are the Circulation Divisions that will be applicable to both contests:


Weekly Division Published One Day Per Week

Class 1: Certified circulation of 2,400 or less

Class 2: Certified circulation of 2,401 to 3,700

Class 3: Certified circulation of 3,701 or Above


Multi-Weekly Division: Published 2 or 3 times per week, regardless of circulation


Daily Division: Published Four Days Per Week or More/Based on Sunday Circulation Total (If the newspaper has no Sunday edition, use the weekday circulation number to determine division)

Class 1: Certified circulation of 5,000 or less

Class 2: Certified circulation of 5,501 to 14,999

Class 3: Certified circulation of 15,000 or more


Associate Member Newspaper For all publications, regardless of circulation and frequency, who have joined as and are designated an Associate Member Newspaper


College/University Student Newspapers

Student publications at Kentucky colleges and universities that have paid current year dues.

College/University Division 1 – Student Enrollment up to 10,000

College/University Division 2 – Student Enrollment of 10,001 and Above


KPA reserves the right to adjust Class circulations depending on number of newspapers entering a specific class.


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