KPA to begin new era in news sharing with Board’s approval of AP StoryShare

Training sessions available in mid-August to introduce StoryShare to all KPA members

About 16 months ago, the Kentucky Press Association shuttered one of its most popular services, the Kentucky Press News Service. Just over 10 years old at the time, the expenses to operate this “free” member service put it to the point that the decision was made to stop offering KPNS. This came after some 70,000 stories and 6,000 to 7,000 editorials had been shared between the 99 participating newspapers.

We’ve heard the comments from members lamenting how much they miss the service, so much so that it wasn’t a hard sell to the Board to approve a new venture.

At its July 16 Board meeting, the Board heard a presentation from Adam Yeomans, regional director/South of the Associated Press, about AP StoryShare. It’s not exactly the same as KPNS but it comes close. And without hesitation, the Board voted to enter into an agreement with the AP to offer StoryShare to all KPA member newspapers.

In addition, the Board voted to pay the first year fee for StoryShare and then evaluate it in the Fall 2022. If KPA continues endorsing AP StoryShare, there will be a minimum expense for newspapers on late 2022 to stay in the program . KPA’s financial commitment is to cover the cost of the first year so that all newspapers can experience StoryShare.

It’s different in one respect from KPNS — newspapers will have to upload their stories they want to share in a very simple format. But unlike KPNS, photos can be uploaded by the members with an easy “drag and drop” process.

A pdf explaining AP StoryShare is included. At present, AP is planning on training sessions August 12 and 13, online, to show newspapers the project and how to upload stories and pictures to the site. The plan is to launch AP StoryShare for KPA members by September 1.

While AP StoryShare is being used by some 200 media outlets across several states, this is the first agreement between AP and a state press association membership. Yeomans said the AP chose Kentucky Press because of the success of its KPNS over an extended time and the level of participation by members.

Watch for followup information about training session specifics in the near future.

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