KPNS: If you have RSS experience, we need you; taking a break during Christmas

November 23, 2016

kpns-logo-560x156We set up an RSS feed system a little better than a year ago so that a newspaper website involved in the Kentucky Press News Service could show a scrolling of stories posted.

Now we’re looking at expanding that RSS feed to any KPNS newspaper wanting to use it on its website.

But we need some help. Neither David Greer nor I are experienced in that process.

If you’re pretty familiar with setting up an RSS feed for a website — it would be strictly copy, no artwork, no video — then please contact David Greer at as soon as possible.

Now as for the vacation time. KPNS will not be operating from Sunday, December 25 through December 31. With more than 47,000 stories posted, plus 5,000 or more editorials, since its inception in October, 2009, KPNS has only taken off Saturdays those seven years. It’s taking a week break from Christmas to New Year’s Day.

Don’t worry, we’ll remind you again. And again. And again.

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