KPNS signs up 100th participating newspaper

News from David Greer this week that the Middlesboro Daily News is signing paperwork to become part of the Kentucky Press News Service (KPNS). Recently, the Hazard Herald signed its agreement to participate and new Middlesboro publisher Anthony Cloud then agreed to have the paper as part of KPNS. He’s also publisher of the Harlan Daily Enterprise, a newspaper that’s been part of the service for several years.

KPNS was launched October 1, 2009, and in just less than 10 years it has posted more than 62,700 stories and about 8,000 editorials. Only participating newspapers are eligible to use stories from KPNS and only those newspapers will have their stories shared for other KPNS members to use.

For information about joining KPNS, contact administrator David Greer at


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