KPNS taking well-deserved vacation

kpns-hiatusSince its inception back in October, 2009, the Kentucky Press News Service has had Saturdays off. That’s about the extent of it. KPNS has posted stories five days a week, one budget on Sundays, and holidays have never been dark.

So the dilemma this year conflicted with vacation schedules and available help to cover any down time. It wasn’t going to work out so we decided just to give KPNS a full week of vacation. Here’s the schedule for no KPNS, stories or editorials:

KPNS will not be operating from Sunday, December 25 through December 31.

With more than 47,000 stories posted, plus 5,000 or more editorials, since its inception in October, 2009, KPNS has only taken off Saturdays those seven years. It’s taking a week break from Christmas to New Year’s Day.

David Greer has been reminding KPNS newspapers with just about every budget posted over the last couple of weeks. And we’ll continue to remind you and them of the hiatus.

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