use may get more use than any government website

I’m not going to put analytics up against any KPA member newspaper website because I know you’ll smack it around. There’s no comparison from the numbers I’ve seen for electronic paid copies on the Statements of Ownership.

But I wouldn’t doubt could hold its own against most any local government website. You know, the ones that the state legislature wants notices put on in the 10 most populous counties.

Seriously,  just to see how a newspaper site stands up against a local government website, file an open records request for a Google Analytics on the city or county website for the past month. Watch the look on that person’s face when you ask, Google? Analytics? I don’t think we have that report so your request is denied.

Anyway, got the February Google Analytics report for from NewzGroup. 12,505 Page Views. 1,691 Users. 3,711 Sessions.

It’s posted below.

Speaking of, our push over the last several weeks to get newspapers to make sure they are posting the notices is paying off. We are not at 100 percent participation but we are getting close. If you haven’t posted in the last year, or in several years, you have received an email urging/begging/pleading for you to make sure each issue is getting uploaded to NewzGroup so we can scrape the notices and get them posted.


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