Laptop gets the ‘l’ out; oh (j)oy, oh (j)oy

Typing the headline for this was not an easy task. In fact, typing about any part of this week’s On Second Thought could be an adventure. So pardon me if an “l” or “j” is missing. Or maybe a “k” or “h”, any key in the middle row of the keyboard, especially on the right-hand side is subject to be missing.

Right in the heat of getting convention and contest stuff ready, and sending emails to everyone about the room reservation deadline Wednesday, the laptop keyboard decided to do its own thing.

At first, “the” became “te” and an email to Jay Nolan was addressed to ay Nolan. Then it was the “k” and the “l.” No problem, just hold the key down until the correct letter popped on the screen. But get ready for double letters or more like hhhhh in “the.”

At first, a good blast of “compressed-gas duster” helped. Then I guess that wore off and it was back to having to check each letter as it was typed to make sure it appeared properly.

Oh, oy, oh, oy, right in the middle of everything that needs to be done, the laptop decides to act up. No time to take it to be fixed because there’s too much to do. Maybe after the convention, it can go in for a tuneup. For now, I’ll proof more closely for letters that didn’t get included in words and hope it doesn’t die during the KPA Board meeting on Thursday, January 19.

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