Laptop problem took me back to Typing class in ’63

Oh my asdfjkl;. I know that won’t get through spell check but…

Wrote a few weeks ago about typing an email to KPA Vice President Jay Nolan. Only the J was reluctant to strike a letter on the screen and TO: Jay Nolan became TO:  ay Nolan. Hold the key down for a couple of seconds and it would show up. Then the laptop got the “h” out, h being the next letter to go. Then the k, then the l. Hard to write an email about KPA without there being a K working.

Eventually the whole middle row went, the asdfjkl; plus the g and h.

That took me back to my sophomore year at Georgetown High. My first typing class. I was fast, using only my two index fingers. Had been doing that for a couple of years. Then the teacher looked over my shoulder.

“David, fingers go on a s d f j k l ;. Now stop that two-finger typing right now, position the fingers on the correct keys.” That change took me forever to type The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’s back. That’s a phrase that was common teaching because it’s a phrase that uses every letter of the alphabet.

Finally gave up the fight with the laptop. I had attached another keyboard with a USB port, set at the side of the laptop. So I had to look at the screen while reaching out to the keyboard at the right. The Apple Store at Fayette Mall couldn’t do anything to help, except show me a new 15-inch super light MacBook Pro. Or they could give me the name of a store in Lexington that probably could get me a new keyboard. $2,799 vs. $230. You know which route I went and the seven-year old 17-inch laptop is working great.

Knock on wood.

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