Legal Defense Fund begins its 21st year

The KPA Legal Defense Fund, one of the unique and more successful services offered by the organization, recently began its 21st year. And it’s preparing for another round of legal reimbursements for the 90 newspapers participating.

To be eligible for receiving up to 50 percent of its legal expenses, a newspaper has to be participating in the funding mechanism that has made the program successful. With commitments of a quarter page to a full page of advertising, the Legal Defense Fund has been able to assist newspapers with more than $700,000 in reimbursements. The commitment depends on the frequency of the publication and only those participating are eligible to apply.

Applications are being mailed from the KPA office today (Friday) with a deadline of January 4 to apply for any reimbursement requests. Publishers of the 90 newspapers will receive the letter and application form.

In January, the LDF Committee — chaired by Tom Caudill, with KPA Past Presidents members David Hawpe, John Nelson, Dave Eldridge and Taylor Hayes — will meet and select the reimbursement requests to be awarded for 2018. KPA general counsel Jon Fleischaker participates in the discussion of each application and its merit for receiving funding.

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