Legislators, candidates financial disclosure statements available from KLEC website

Laura H.Hendrix

By Laura Hendrix, Executive Director, Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and following guidance from federal, state, and local officials, the Commission halted in-person services at its Frankfort office as of Tuesday, March 17. Email notifications were made to legislators and staff, as well as lobbyists, and employers, and a notice was placed on the Commission’s website and office door.

Legislators, staff, lobbyists, employers, and the public may continue to contact the office by phone at (502) 573-2863, by fax at (502) 573-2929, and via the email addresses listed on the staff page: https://klec.ky.gov/About-KLEC/Pages/Commission-Staff.aspx.

If you need to send the Commission copies of paperwork, please scan and email it to the email addresses as listed on the staff page, or fax to the number above.

Continued thanks to the many lobbying entities who have honored our request to begin filing online, and those who have utilized this service for many years. If a lobbyist or employer is currently filing disclosures by paper and would like to file online, please email us and we can contact you with an ID and password.

If an entity needs to register as a lobbyist or employer, please email the required scanned paperwork to Donnita Crittenden or Lori Smither at the staff emails in the link above or fax them to (502) 573-2929. Blank forms may be found at https://klec.ky.gov/Forms/Pages/Get-Blank-Forms.aspx.

All provisions of the Code of Legislative Ethics are in force during this time. If there is a need for an opinion about the application of the Code to any particular ethical issue that may arise, please continue to contact us and we will answer your questions.

Lobbying Reporting Deadline- September 15, 2020

The Code of Legislative Ethics requires all lobbyists and employers to file their updated registration statements on the 15th day of January, February, March, April, May, and September of each year. The updated registration statement is due on September 15, 2020, per KRS 6.807(3). All employers and lobbyists should go ahead and begin filing their statements ASAP. The Commission has sent every employer and lobbyist information on how to file online, or via email or fax.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, statements received after September 15 up to and including September 30, 2020 shall be considered timely filed if the filer emails a written explanation of the reason for delay to the Commission’s Executive Director, Laura Hendrix, at Laura.Hendrix@lrc.ky.gov by September 30, 2020.

New and Terminated Employers

New Employers registering to lobby are: Corrisoft; Deciphera Pharmaceuticals; Ellis Park Racing and Gaming; Kindred Healthcare; KY Association for Psychology in the Schools; and Northern KY University Foundation. 

The following employers recently reported termination of their lobbying activity to the Commission: 3M Company and Injured Workers Pharmacy.

Training for Lobbyists and Employers on video

The Legislative Ethics Commission has a training video from one of our in-person lobbyist and employer trainings on the LRC Capitol Connection YouTube page, for viewing at any time. The link is on our website, and also on the LRC Capitol Connection page at   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojKIWUNV8po&feature=youtu.be. The video walks through the online filing process in step-by-step detail.  Please call us with any questions!

Financial disclosures for candidates and legislators on KLEC site

The Commission has the statutorily required financial disclosures for legislative candidates and legislators available on the Commission’s website at https://klec.ky.gov/Reports/Pages/Legislators-and-Candidates.aspx. The Commission appreciates the legislators’ and candidates’ diligence in promptly filing these disclosures.

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