Legislature gavels in 2022 Kentucky General Assembly

The 60-day legislative session got underway Tuesday, January 4 and has been going full speed throughout the week.

Despite the governor shutting down state government for Friday because of the snow storm that hit the Bluegrass late Thursday, the General Assembly kept with its schedule and held its fourth day. It’s also scheduled to meet on Saturday, January 8, but that schedule could be changed so that members can return home for the weekend.

There have not been many Saturdays with the legislature in session.

In the first four days, 237 House bills and 65 Senate bills were introduced. Besides on Anti-SLAPP bill that we should support, only one bill has been filed on Public Notice advertising. And that bill simply extends government procurement on non-bid items to perishable foods or foods with an expiration date.

Besides hearing the Governor’s “State of the Commonwealth” address Wednesday evening, most of the first week focused on redistricting. That’s a Constitutional requirement of the General Assembly once census figures are released and is done every 10 years. The legislature also extended one time the filing deadline to January 27 because the redistricting plan is just now making it through the process.

Saturday’s unique session could result in final action on the redistricting plans for the legislature and Congressional districts and changing the one-time filing deadline to January 27.

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