Let the experts help you — from writing to advertising to design

These people write columns about newspaper work, from writing to advertising to design. Go to their websites or send an email to sign up for their RSS feeds. 

John Foust, Advertising: jfoust@mindspring.com

Ken Blum, Black Inklings, Newspapering: blummer@aol.com

Doug Fisher, Common Sense Journalism: dfisher@sc.edu; http://www.jour.sc.edu/news/csj/index.html.

Ed Henninger, Design: edh@henningerconsulting.com; http://www.henningerconsulting.com.

Jim Pumarlo, Community Newspapers: jim@pumarlo.com; http://www.pumarlo.com.

Kevin Slimp, Technology: kevin@kevinslimp.com.

Jim Stasiowski, Writing Coach: (775) 354-2872.

Russell Viers, Adobe Technology: http://www.russellviers.com; http://www.video2brain.com; lynda.com/Russell-Viers.

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