Let’s play Double Jeopardy: A: ‘Sometime soon’

And the question is, “When will KPA be announcing the 2016 contests winners?”

Yeah, we’re getting that already and all we can say is “Sometime soon.”

And until we have everything finalized, that will be the standard answer.

The reason? Well, it’s “contests” as in plural. Advertising and News Editorial.

There are over 50 categories between the two. With up to 10 divisions in each category. And the possibility of first, second and third places in each category.

So multiply all that out and we have 1,229 award winners, not individuals, mind you, just that many awards total. It’s not a “snap your fingers and have the final results process.”

We did not get all of the judges finished with their duties until last Friday. In fact, there were seven or eight stragglers who got done earlier this week, agreeing to take on extra assignments when other judges could not get their categories done.

So just know we’re working on it; we’ll have them done “Sometime soon.” For now, that’s the only answer we’re going to give so your question is already answered.


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