Let’s play Jeopardy: A. Soon and in a few days

And the question is: When are we going to have the results of the contests?

A common question this time of year and it’s been asked a few times over the last couple of weeks.

We had the final categories of the News Contest just finished being judged this week. The Ad Contest categories were finished last week and now we’re in the process of putting the categories, places, newspapers, staff and comments together. So just hold on. It will not be long. I’m not going to state a date because we have a lot of other things that must get done as well.

COVID played a role in the 2020 KPA News Contest and the 2020 KPA Advertising Contest from the beginning. We had the lowest number of entries in the Ad Contest since the early 1980s and the lowest number of entries in the KPA News Contest since 1994. But it continued into the judging as some who had volunteered from one of four states doing the judging were no longer with the newspaper. And some reported so many assignments to cover for employees no longer at the paper that they got behind.

It also resulted in one surprising area.

We also had 30 (THIRTY) categories over the two contests that had only one entry. That helped in the judging because if there’s only one entry in a category, it’s automatically given a Certificate of Merit and doesn’t require judging as such. There were 18 categories in the News Contest with a single entry and 12 in the Ad Contest.

And furthermore, in the Ad Contest, we had only four total newspapers enter the Daily side, so there’s only one Daily Division as all entries were judged against each other.

On the News side, only Weekly 1 and Weekly 2 had at least two entries in each category so all of the others had at least one category with only one entry.

All categories in the Daily Division Ad Contest had at least two entries; the remaining divisions had at least one category with a single entry.

The moral of that story? Next year, make sure you have an entry in every category.

Certificates of Merit do count toward General Excellence with two points awarded to each Certificate of Merit. In the rest of the contest, five points are given for a First Place; three for a Second Place; and one point for a Third Place.

So now you know. The results of the contests will be available soon.

Since there is no 2021 KPA Winter Convention, we’re looking at a hybrid virtual presentation of the final announcement of both contests. That is planned for later January.

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