Looking for editorial cartoons? Here’s some that are complimentary, short-term

It’s not long-term complimentary but Cagle Cartoons is offering newspapers a 30-day free trial subscription to their cartoon service. Below is information concerning the service if you’re interested.

Dear Editor,

Please feel free to run these complimentary cartoons about the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood scandal. You may choose to run one or both if you like. You have permission to reproduce the cartoons; there is no cost or obligation. Click on the link below each image to get a high-resolution version of the cartoon for print. As news breaks and you need immediate content we are your number one place for current editorial cartoons or columns about the latest trending topics.

We have a broad range of views and styles among over 50 editorial cartoonists in our newspaper syndication package, including more, and better conservative cartoons than you can find anywhere else. We also have a dozen top columnists, including conservatives Michael Reagan and Tom Purcell. We’re cheap, simple and easy!

We’d love to give you a 30 day free trial subscription to our service. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us at: (805) 969-2829. For more information about our syndication services, visit us at CagleWorld.com or E-mail us at: editor@cagle.com.

You can also try our pay-per-use site at PoliticalCartoons.com.

Please print these two great cartoons! They’re really free for you! No obligation!

Thanks again!




Cagle Cartoons, Inc.

P.O. Box 22342

Santa Barbara, CA, USA 93121


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