MailMaster has faith in the future of newspapers

I had need recently to go searching for a mailbox. When something like that comes up on your daughter’s Christmas wish list, you see what you can find. So I went to Lowe’s, expecting to find just regular mailboxes, most of them being metal or heavy duty plastic. And without many bells and whistles.

What caught my eye on two mailboxes — one in black, one in stone gray — was a brief description that simply read:

All-in-one mailbox with built-in newspaper compartment.

That had to be the one and I thought how great of MailMaster to be thinking ahead of the future of newspapers. The description emphasized it had the built-in newspaper compartment. And then I went to the ratings and reviews. You’ll see below what one verified purchased of the mailbox wrote.

Item # 68112 Model # 545200

Step 2 MailMaster 12.5-in W x 51-in H Plastic Stone Gray Post or Black Mount Mailbox

All-in-one mailbox with built-in newspaper compartment.

Said one reviewer who was a verified purchaser of the unit:

I am well pleased with the appearance of the product compared to the price.

I really like that the mail and newspaper are delivered to the same unit

and we do not need another pole with an object on it to have our newspaper delivered.

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