Making some good extra revenue (can you say $6,500 a year?) is as easy as 1-2-5

One day soon, somebody’s gonna contact your office and want to sell their RV or houseboat or a farm or they’re having an estate auction. Maybe it’s a local company looking to place a Help Wanted or they have a service that’s pretty unique and they’re wanting to get the word out.

If that happens, and you know it does just about every week or two, you have the answer right in front of you.

The Kentucky Statewide Classified Program.

Sure, we want you to sell them the classified for your paper but take a few seconds and sell them on the idea of running their classified in some 80 newspapers across the state. The wider the word is spread, the more likely they’ll sell that RV or houseboat or fill those jobs or find new clients for their service. That’s almost one million newspaper readers for those 80 newspapers.

A 25-word classified would cost them $250 but the best part, for you, is that you keep $125 of that. So if you sell just one a week, that’s $6,500 more a year for you. And if they have more than 25 words, it’s $7 each additional word and you keep $3.50 of that.  So the $6,500 a year, or $125 per week, is the smallest amount you’ll make.

You get their payment, send the ad to the Kentucky Press Service along with half of the sales amount and they’ll find their ad the following week in daily and weekly newspapers throughout the Bluegrass.

Interested? Want more information? Just call Rachel McCarty at KPA/KPS at 502-223-8821 or email her at She’ll take care of the placement in all those other newspapers and your client will be satisfied their investment in a newspaper classified paid off.

Try it for a few weeks. Every time you’re contacted by someone wanting to place a classified, give them the pitch. Sell it for your newspaper and then sell them again for the Kentucky Statewide Classified Program. It’s easy if you’ll just make the effort. As easy as 1-2-5.

For a copy of the Statewide Classified brochure, contact Rachel.

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