Mark Maynard (and many others) lost a close friend recently

It’s a gripping story. It’s touching and you can tell in his words how sad it is, to him, to many, many others.

Mark Maynard, managing editor of Kentucky Today and before that, editor of the Ashland Daily Independent, wrote a column recently, devoted to his late friend. It was an unexpected death, perhaps related to the coronavirus pandemic. But then it was expected at some point in his life. He’d been sick for some time, on life support for quite a while some say.

When I read the story I thought of Russ Powell and Bob McCullough and John Del Santo and Eddie Blakeley and John Flavell, of Mike Reliford and Paul Sierer. I thought of the many other employees of the Ashland Daily Independent who I had come to know over the years.

Their friend was powerful, almost a “Superman” as Mark says. The friend never took a day off but if he was down, friends at the ADI would “find the medicine” to make him better.

That friend, of Mark’s and Russ’ and Bob’s and Paul’s and all the others, was the Daily Independent’s press. It was shutdown on a Friday night in late May for the last time.

Here, let Mark tell you the story of his friend:



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