Matt Stahl – Intern for The Eagle Post in Oak Grove

Matt Stahl

This summer I worked as the intern at the Eagle Post, covering southern Christian County, including Oak Grove and Pembroke.

Coming in to the internship, I had worked at the College Heights Herald at WKU, where I was able to focus on reporting and writing, never having to step into other roles at the paper.

When I got to the Eagle Post, I quickly learned that I would be expected to do everything, from writing the story, to taking the pictures to designing the page.

Over the course of the summer, I became significantly better at page design, which I had never even tried to do before. I improved my photography skill as well, taking what I consider to be acceptable photos.

The biggest thing I had to work on was making my writing more interesting and I think I have significantly improved in that area. I am now way better at making stories readable, past the bare-bones news story structure.

I got to experience a lot this summer, from going on post to cover color casings at Fort Campbell, to spending a Saturday covering infant pageants at the fair, to researching and writing a more in-depth story about why the city of Oak Grove had less than one percent of its’ registered voters actually vote in May’s primary election.

I go back to school a much improved journalist. I learned a lot from the people in the newsroom here, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

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