McKenna Horsley — Frankfort State Journal Intern

Grateful to KPA, The State Journal for the opportunity


McKenna Horsley

I greatly appreciate the summer that I had working at the Frankfort State Journal. I feel that I grew as a reporter and learned a lot about community journalism through the experience.

Throughout my internship, I covered one to two stories a day. These topics ranged from local events to profiles of residents. In a way, I felt connected to Frankfort and Franklin County through these stories and the connections I made with my sources. Doing so even allowed me to pitch my own stories as sources gave me more ideas.

I also had the chance to do some investigative journalism. I worked on a story about a local sanitation district that was formed to take over outdated and some abandoned sewage treatment plants in south Franklin County. By exploring this issue, I felt that I not only brought light to a decades-long issue, but was able to further connect with the community as well.

The State Journal gave me opportunities to work on its monthly magazine, FRANK., as well. I enjoyed this because it allowed me to get a chance to write fun and interesting magazine features while I was still working on daily news stories. I also had a chance to work on my photography by taking photos of Relay for Life attendees for the Snapped section of the magazine.

Lastly, I was able to design some pages of the newspaper during my internship. I had not had this opportunity in previous newsroom internships and by doing so at the State Journal, it allowed me to more of the production process of the newspaper.

Again, I am grateful for the opportunity to work a paper as dedicated to its community like the State Journal and am thankful that the Kentucky Press Association made this experience possible.

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