Meade County Messenger front page: Only 7 words but what a powerful message!

From Crystal Leo and the staff of the Meade County Messenger in Brandenburg:
This came to fruition when Meade County Messenger publisher, Rena Singleton, saw an article on November 5 about a newspaper in Oregon who rolled out a blank front page as the part of their strategy to keep the LJSA in Congress’ Build Back Better Reconciliation bill. It got her thinking that we, here in Meade County, needed to stress to our readers the importance of journalism and what it does for a community. The blank front page is tied to a two (maybe three) part series that Chad Hobbs is writing about the closures of small town newspapers across the country.
See the photo of the staff at the bottom of this item right after you scroll down the actual front page of the Messenger.

In a time where small town newspapers are dying out,

have you considered the consequences of what would

happen if you no longer had a local newspaper?

Tune in next week to read Chad Hobbs’ piece on how

local newspapers are trying to survive on a national scale,

and what it means for a community when a newspaper closes down.

(The copy block in the lower right portion of the Meade County Messenger’s front page on November 11, explains it all.)



Pictured from left to right: Newsroom Coordinator Seth Dukes, Reporter Chad Hobbs, Graphic Designer Josh Clark, General Manager Crystal Leo, Ad Sales Executive & Graphic Designer Ashley McCrumb, Front Desk/Subscriptions/Billing Specialist Nancy Frazier and Ad Sales Executive Kate Ray.

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