Members vote for gradual dues increase

The annual KPA Business Meeting was held Thursday, January 24, as part of the 150th Anniversary Convention in Louisville.

The only business item was the recommendation of the KPA Board to gradually increase dues by 2.5 percent over a five-year period. The recommendation was for the increase to take effect as soon as approved by the membership.

The vote was 64 to 1, in favor of the recommendation, on proxies submitted to members in advance of the meeting and confirmed by those present for the meeting.

Member newspapers have already received dues for 2019 based on the original Bylaws policy of 94.5 inches of advertising each year. Member newspapers will receive a supplemental billing from KPA for an additional 2.5 inches of advertising. The dues structure is based on a newspaper’s national/commissionable advertising rate.

New dues statements will be processed in the next few days and sent to each member newspaper.

The board’s goal is to take the dues closer to a full page of advertising in five years. Board members believed a gradual increase was more favorable than increasing rates immediately to that level. With a 2.5 percent increase in dues for five years, that will result in a 12.5 percent increase overall.

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