Messenger and Inquirer get exposure on American Pickers

Antique Archaeology, known on TV as the American Pickers show, visited the Owensboro area, specifically a drag strip. It originally aired in 2016 but was repeated last week as part of an American Pickers marathon.

Watch and listen closely (to the link below) and you’ll hear about the drag strip owner’s penchant for news, specifically local news through the pages of the Owensboro Messenger and Owensboro Inquirer. Yes, they were separate publications back then.

You’ll hear the daughter tell Frank and Mike that her dad “got the entire contents from the old Messenger building before that building was torn down” and framed front pages for display in his museum. He used tobacco sticks to form the frames in most cases. There are other front pages as well, of national events he lived through, but the segment gives good exposure to the Messenger and Inquirer, some to the Messenger-Inquirer, and even to the Evansville Courier & Press.

To access the segment you’ll probably have to log in with your cable provider login information. And when the show starts, scroll the time over to 15:00 and you’ll see the display of front pages in the museum.

Watch Slim Pickings Full Episode – American Pickers | HISTORY


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