Middlesboro proclamation focused on Spanish flu as well

Well, we didn’t have to go all the way to Kelowtna British Columbia for the public notice about Spanish flu. I’m glad Doug Crews passed it along because it brought 6,945 “People Reached” on the KPA Facebook.

Soon after that was published, and shared some 75 times, we received a comment on the Facebook Page about a similar proclamation much closer to home.

Jeanna Cornett, the executive director of the Bell County Public Library District, saw the posting on the KPA Facebook Page, one of nearly 7,000 “People Reached” with that posting and sent in a comment and a copy of a Proclamation.

In Middlesboro, Mayor E.S. Helburn ordered schools, churches, “picture shows” and pool rooms be suspended and closed from October 8 until October 21. Now that’s a month before the one issued in British Columbia. The one for BC was published November 17, 1918, yet the order from Mayor Helburn expired on October 21, 1918.

Wonder if in the year 2122, Kentuckians will be looking back at all the news and actions taken in 2020 to combat and address the COVID19 pandemic?

Here’s the post in the Middlesboro paper that Jeanna found.

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