More programs added to 2017 Convention schedule

If you haven’t checked out the 2017 KPA Convention website recently, you won’t know about two programs added to the schedule.

The 2017 KPA Convention (I’m obviously avoiding naming it the KPA Winter Convention) website is That’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about the convention, the hotel, the program and the convention registration form.

A couple of weeks ago, we asked our press association friends around the country for their single-best recommendation on a speaker to talk about Selling Digital Ads.

Mike Blinder was highly recommended and we are fortunate his calendar allows us to have him Friday, January 20.

Also, in the last few weeks, there have been numerous stories about sexual assaults, many of those focused around university campuses. There’s also been a lot of news about the backlog of sexual assault kits and implementation of the SAFE Act.

Representatives of the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP), including one sexual assault survivor, will be conducting a program at 10:30 on the issues and will provide several story ideas that newsrooms can be working on.

Here are the additional program descriptions, both for Friday, January 20:

9:30 a.m.                    

Mike Blinder – Stop Overthinking…And Just Sell Audience!

(Session will be 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.)

Mike Blinder has made it happen! He has worked in hundreds of markets at newspapers with varying history and cultures, worldwide, proving that newspaper’s can sell  multimedia  solutions with their traditional/ legacy sales team.

However, the process of adding digital components to our existing legacy products  has to be simplified. The value propositions that digital offerings brings to advertisers must be made clear and easy to understand.

Mike Blinder President/ Founder of the Blinder Group is an author and internationally recognized as an expert on media advertising. Mike will review real world case studies on how newspapers (of all sizes)are bundling digital products with their legacy offerings.

Topics that will be covered in these fast paced sessions, will include:

* What digital products can be easily sold by legacy reps (And, which ones are problematic)

* Pricing/ Packaging & Easiest Product Offerings to Sell, including

* Bundling “Impressions With Inches” IE: Taking Digital Inventory on Every Sales Call

* Why Social Stuff (like Facebook) Can Not be Ignored!

10:30 a.m.                  

Sexual Assaults: A background on the issue and a primer on how to cover the topic          

You’ve read about, even written about perhaps the state’s backlog of sexual assault kits, the implementation of the SAFE Act and you probably even have questions about how to cover and write about sexual assaults.

Eileen Recktenwald, executive director of the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP); sexual assault survivor and policy advisor Michelle Kuiper; and Stephenie Steitzer Hoelscher, former Courier-Journal reporter and advisor to KASAP.

Eileen and Stephenie will provide an update on the effort to clear Kentucky’s sexual assault kit backlog and on the implementation of the SAFE Act. They also will present a primer on covering sexual assault – with a survivor’s perspective. Story ideas to be provided!

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