More than 27,000 ‘People Reached’ with Facebook Posts on legislation

Last week, we posted three articles about legislation moving through the Kentucky General Assembly. There were only two bills of major issue but we had an op-ed article by Jon Fleischaker and Michael Abate, a plea for people to contact the State Representatives to vote NO on House Bill 387, and then an scathing article from the National Freedom of Information Coalition about the crisis stage that Kentucky Open Government is in.

Those went live late Friday and by this morning, we have 27,051 People Reached and more than 200 shares of any of the three segments. Numerous comments from the public talked about the importance of having Open Government in Kentucky and encouraging their friends to contact their State Reps with the same vote NO on HB 387.

Here’s a representative one from the Rockcastle County Democratic Party.

There are other Amendments besides the 2nd that people who love the Constitution should concern themselves with. The 1st, for example, which is under greater threat in Kentucky that the 2nd ever was.

Also, HB 387 had bi-partisan opposition as witnessed in an op-ed article published in the Kentucky Standard, Bardstown. It was written by the chairpersons of the Nelson County Republican Party and Nelson County Democratic Party. It was an excellent article and was shared as well with some news outlets. Just to prove that opposition to HB 387, sponsored by Rep. Jason Petrie, is on both or all sides of the aisle, not just a partisan one.

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