Mountain Advocate goes to Facebook Live to cover the election

With all the technology available, it isn’t impossible for a newspaper to be a community’s television station, especially at a time when events are taking place that the public wants to know about immediately. No longer do they have to wait four, five or six days for the next newspaper issue. With websites, social media, Facebook and now Facebook Live, newspapers can be on the scene, reporting live as news happen.

Such was the case Tuesday night after the polls closed in Barbourville. The Mountain Advocate went to Facebook Live to report the election news residents anxiously awaited. With publisher Jay Nolan (who doubles as KPA treasurer) on the scene, viewers got poll results as they came in. And it also gave Jay a chance to interview the Knox County clerk about the election turnout, expected across the state to be one of the largest in decades.

Here are two samples of Jay on the scene giving the results as they were made available and interviewing the county clerk.


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