My own Phyllis George (Brown) story

Ask me about my favorite memories so far with KPA, and at the top of the list would be an encounter with Phyllis George Brown. It happened in mid-October, 1983, just weeks after I started with KPA and just weeks before Phyllis and Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. welcomed Pamela Brown into the world on November 29, 1983.

That story came to mind, as it often does when I have heard her name or Governor Brown mentioned, Saturday with the news that Phyllis George had passed away.

I was sitting in my office at the back of 332 Capital Avenue, probably typing something on my IBM Selectric typewriter when office manager Barbara Brown interrupted me.

“David, we have visitors.”

I looked up and in the doorway were Governor Brown, Phyllis and their State Police security team.

The governor introduced himself, as if that would be necessary, and Phyllis. He told me they were taking a walk down Capital Avenue when Phyllis, very much pregnant, told them she had to go to the bathroom. “That happens a lot of in my condition,” Phyllis said

“We looked across the street and Phyllis saw the KPA sign out front. She said she knows the people at KPA and they’d probably let her use their bathroom,” the governor added.

I responded we’d be glad to let her. My office had a private bathroom so I turned on the light and then walked out into the conference room with Governor Brown and the two State Police officers. The conference room had a wall of pictures of all KPA Presidents so John Y. looked those over, said that some of those he knew through his father, others he knew because he was governor at the time.

After a couple of minutes, Phyllis joined us in the conference room, thanked us for letting her use the bathroom and then the four walked back up Capital Avenue to the Governor’s Mansion.

I thought numerous times I should get a magic marker and write on the commode seat, “Phyllis George Brown sat here” and then hang it in the office. That never happened but I still have the memory of that early day at KPA.

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  1. Gaye Bencini says:

    Great memory! Thank you for sharing!

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