National Newspaper Week starts Sunday; it’s an opportunity to practice what you preach

We send advertising reps to call on businesses. We tell them to convince business owners that they can’t survive without newspaper advertising and give them an arm load of materials to show the strength of newspapers. And we expect them to come back with all kinds of placements scheduled.

If only we practiced what we preach. Because we don’t promote ourselves.

Well October 6-12 is your chance to change that. It’s National Newspaper Week and it’s time to tell your public all that newspapers do and how important your newspaper is to the success of the community. After all, if there’s a constant local “chamber of commerce,” it’s the local newspaper. No one else promotes the community like newspapers and no one else is going to promote newspapers like you can.

There’s plenty of materials available to aid you in spreading the word of newspapers. The focus in 2019 is the First Amendment. You’ve received a series of ads from KPA about Think F1rst – Know Your 5 Freedoms and those are the basis for this year’s NNW logo. There are columns, editorials, editorial cartoon, a crossword and several other materials for you to use to promote your newspaper and your industry. As the NNW website says:

PLEASE ALSO MAKE IT LOCAL by editorializing about your newspaper’s unique relevance. This can be about your duties as government watchdog, your role as a community forum and coverage of community events, publication of timely public notices, etc.

Just go to and scan through the materials, pick out what you want to use and then start your promotion.

National Newspaper Week is a project of the Newspaper Association Managers. It began in 1940 so NAM is celebrating the 79th year of National Newspaper Week.

Come celebrate with us!!

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