Nearly $200,000 in KPA/KPS Member Benefits

In the article about just shy of $3 million, I list four member benefits that are provided through dues and the commission to KPS on advertising we place.

I did a quick calculation just so you could see where the money is going.

Those four services — (a) internships, (b) KPA Freedom of Information Hotline, (c) Kentucky Press News Service and (d) Lobbying — come in at $200,000 KPA/KPS spends for YOU.

Those are just four of the services we offer and none of the four cost you, our members, one red cent!

So the next time your newspaper gets an ad order and you notice that there’s some KPS commission attached to it, stop and say, “It’s worth that much to have all the benefits of KPA and KPS!”

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  1. Allison Shepherd says:

    Thank you for ALL you do. We appreciate you all here in LaRue.

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