Need a legislator’s portrait? LRC service is ready to help

I had need this week to find a better (i.e. larger) mugshot of Rep. Jill York, to go with her Resolution honoring Sunshine Week in Kentucky. The one I had on file was ok but as I enlarged it, it got distorted. And I’m without photoshop.

But the fix was easy. And it’s one you need to use when you’re in need or any legislator’s photo.

The Legislative Research Commission’s public information office is there for immediate help. Within minutes, I not only have Representative York’s mugshot but access to portraits of all 138 legislators.

Here’s a note from Robert Weber. I encourage you to use them when in need. And hopefully you’re also getting some pictures taken during committee meetings and when the chambers are in session.

This from Robert Weber ( — You can download high-res portraits of legislators here:  You are also welcome to contact us any time you’d like a photo and we’re glad to send it.

They’re there for your use so contact the LRC PIO when in need.

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