Need some bedtime reading? Check out all the legislation we’ve been keeping an eye on

The 2019 General Assembly is winding down — do I hear a Hallelujah? — and with just four available work days left, thing’s will be rush, rush as the bewitching hour approaches.

We’ve been tracking a long list of legislation from the serious attacks on Open Records — think Senate Bill 193 and House Bill 387 — to some that are just mundate enough that the tide could turn and make the legislation deserve more attention. For your information, there were 525 bills introduced in the House of Representatives, another 264 in the Senate.

Here’s a link to all the legislation we’ve watched since the session opened back on January 8. You’ll note that only four bills have made it through both chambers and are headed for the Governor’s Desk. More could be added in the waning days but we’ll have to wait until the gavel bangs on March 28 to know fully what did and didn’t make it through the process.

We use a list of key terms to track legislation, among them, 424., advertising, 61.8, Open Records, Open Meetings, recycled newsprint, confidential, newspaper, publisher, internet, website, public notice, notice, expunge/expungement so when any of those terms popup during a search for key words or phrases, we’ll read the legislation to see if it’s existing language or new language and then take appropriate action. If it’s existing language, we only check to make sure no changes are being made in the portion we’re concerned with.

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