New book compiles George Wolfford’s articles

By George includes Reporting and Columns from The Daily Independent

ASHLAND—Today the Jesse Stuart Foundation and David Wolfford announce the release of the new book, By George: Articles from the Ashland Daily Independent. This hardbound book contains unique articles by journalist George Wolfford, reprinted from Ashland’s chief news outlet. Son David gathered his father’s reports and columns and selected the top 100 pieces that characterize Ashland, eastern Kentucky, and his father’s writing.

“David Wolfford deserves sincere praise for compiling and editing this wonderful collection of his father’s newspaper articles,” says Dr. Jim Gifford, CEO of the Jesse Stuart Foundation. “By George will make an excellent addition to home and school libraries throughout eastern Kentucky.”

George Wolfford began writing for the Independent in 1958. His articles in the book include presidential visits, profiles of local celebrities, notable elections, area institutions, and Sunday columns. By George is also a great resource and record of the region, its people, and its memorable events.

“I’ve done some similar projects, but as you can imagine, this one hit close to home,” David says. “It helped me re-discover my native home, the events of the region, and my dad.”

George’s family was also involved in creating the book. They recalled, transcribed, and proofread articles. Elizabeth was involved with photos and editorial work. George II did much of the design work. Gifford’s support and Adam VanKirk’s expertise (Right Eye Graphics) made the project a reality.

Copies of the book are available at the Jesse Stuart Foundation bookstore, from the Foundation’s online catalog, and at local libraries.

“Dad’s Carter and Lawrence County history books are available from East Kentucky Press in Paintsville,” David said. “Now we have a select sample of his news reporting and columns.”

David and the Foundation thank those individuals and groups who have donated to make the project possible. Donations are still being accepted by the Jesse Stuart Foundation, 4440 13th Street, Ashland, KY 41102, 606-326-1667.

You can learn more about the book and the project at

  • By George contains 100 articles in eight chapters. The book includes George’s first byline, his final column, an introduction/biography, and index.
  • The book is hardbound, 296 pages.
  • Unique articles include histories of Ashland’s junior college and Fire Department; profiles of Loretta Lynn, Grayson radio personality Jim Phillips, and ACC President Bob Goodpaster; front-page obituaries of Jean Thomas, Ernie Chattin, and Ashland construction pioneer E.B. Lowman; local presidential visits by Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and George H.W. Bush, and a general history of presidential visits; institutions like Ashland Oil, Armco, Ashland Cemetery, Central Park, and Steele’s lunch counter; and tragedies like deadly fires, murder, and Hurricane Hugo.
  • David’s research process included brainstorming and asking family, friends, Ashland and regional leaders, and his co-workers for notable stories he covered. He also discovered many more articles just by scanning microfilm. Others were discovered in clipped collections, at the Boyd County Public Library, and elsewhere.
  • Some donations to facilitate the project have been made and are still being accepted by the Jesse Stuart Foundation.
  • A website with additional information and book excerpts is at
  • Several people made this book happen: fellow reporters, local leaders (mayors, police, county commissioners, judges, librarians, etc.); my mother Wanda Wolfford; my brother, George Wolfford II, who did the layout and most pre-press work; my sister Elizabeth Wolfford Ward, with photos and did editorial and photo work, and did the sketch (1991) on the Web site; sister Susan Wolfford Jackson in Houston, and my daughters Maya and Miki, also assisted in proofreading. My wife’s keen eye and spatial sensibilities enhanced the cover.
  • Recent Daily Independent editor Mark Maynard was a valued mentor on this project and his book, Mark My Words, served as a model. Jim Kettle and Jim Powers at the Boyd County Public Library served as instant researchers when called. Jim Gifford of the Jesse Stuart Foundation embraced the idea from the beginning. And Adam VanKirk of Right Eye Graphics served as a guide in bookmaking and put the final touches on the book.
  • I live in Cincinnati, teach Government and Politics to 12th graders at Mariemont High School, and have written and published some myself. I am author of United States Government and Politics: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination (AMSCO/Perfection). com


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