New Book Seeks to Strengthen School Board Member and Superintendent Communications Skills

Brad Hughes

Brad Hughes is no stranger to KPA member newspapers. He worked as a reporter from 1973 to 1975 for the Franklin Favorite/WFKN radio and then was in TV in Hopkinsville and Bowling Green. He moved into public relations with the Cabinet for Human Resources prior to beginning a 24-year career as Director of Communications with the Kentucky School Boards Association. Brad co-authors the book with Dr. Brian Creasman, 2020 Superintendent of the Year from Fleming County Public Schools.

From ensuring virtually connected schools and homes to safeguarding students and teachers in classrooms, COVID-19 has heightened attention to the already challenging work of America’s school boards and superintendents.  Consequently, the pandemic has reaffirmed the significance of clear, consistent communication practices by those local education leaders.

A new book, Maximum Impact: Boards of Education and Superintendents Communicating as a Team, provides readers with situations and solutions drawn from the 67 years’ experience of co-authors Dr. Brian

Brian Creasman

Creasman, Kentucky’s 2020 Superintendent of the Year, and Brad Hughes, a veteran of journalism, public affairs and social engagement.

“As leaders we often fail to understand the importance of listening in our communications strategies,” said Creasman, now in his seventh year as superintendent of the 2,100-student Fleming County Public Schools in Flemingsburg. “Throughout Maximum Impact, Brad and I have stressed the importance of listening as being critical to the overall effectiveness of superintendents and boards and their governance, leadership and teamwork responsibilities.”

Maximum Impact is jointly published by the American Association of School Administrators/The School Superintendents Association and Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc. of Lanham, Maryland.

“The advice and analysis we’ve collected in Maximum Impact were completed just as COVID-19 hit America’s schools. To be honest, I was pleased to see so much of the content is directly applicable to the challenges facing schools leaders now and in the future,” said Hughes, a retired broadcast reporter, government public affairs officer and communications director of the Kentucky School  Boards Association. “Communications opportunities at board meetings, in media interviews and in conversations with constituents were, are and will be roles for board members and superintendents long after the pandemic has passed.”

Topical chapters in Maximum Impact include building and maintaining community support, the art of listening, successful social media and news media relations, communicating in calm and in crisis, board meeting messaging, engaging the school family, acknowledging mistakes and telling school success stories.

Maximum Impact features several in-book reviews including a forward by former National School Boards Association President and current Kentucky State Rep. C. Ed Massey and an afterword by Iowa Association of School Boards Executive Director Lisa Bartusek, a longtime education communications professional.

At 106 pages, Maximum Impact is now in pre-order status in hardback and paperback for delivery in December 2020 with an e-book edition in production. For more information, including ordering options, visit





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