New Copyright format in effect as of March 1

New Copyright Registration Format, Guidance Continues

On March 1, new rules for submitting group copyright registrations went into effect. The starting point for everyone who seeks to submit their newspapers via group registration – which also satisfies the Library of Congress mandatory deposit requirement – would be to read the new rule, here

The group registration of newspapers circular will provide additional guidance. 

This should be consulted after reading the rule. The circular provides explanation, but the rule has the force of law and should be read first.  

Every newspaper applying for copyright registration must now file PDFs of each issue in the month they are seeking to register, whether they are on the Library’s former microfilm list or not. 

This means, if you have not already submitted your January newspapers in PDF for group registration, you must now do so by March 31Microfilm is no longer required for any newspaper publisher, but may be submitted during the transition period until December 2019, if the publisher wants to provide a backup for the PDFs sent.  


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