New editor turns intern’s experience into one that made her better

This summer The Madisonville Messenger was shaken when a new editor was brought in to replace the editor. 

Jodi Camp

I hadn’t expected much to come from the internship except a paycheck, which is how the summer originally started. When the new editor came in he made changes that allowed me to focus on photography first and writing second.

He guided my internship into a learning opportunity by meeting with me and offering constructive criticism about my work. If I was going to shoot a band concert he suggested who I should talk to, what questions to ask, and when to talk to them.

After each story I wrote, the editor would meet with me and we would edit it together while he explained why he was changing them. He sent me to cover mostly feature stories, such as baseball pictures, community bands, and meetings held by organizations around town. 

He turned a just for money internship into a learning experience that made me  a better writer and photographer. 

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