New KPA officers: VP Jeff Jobe, Treasurer Regina Catlett

Jeff Jobe

Regina Catlett

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been conducting an election of the KPA Vice President, necessitated when Kim Woods resigned from the Herald-Leader and as Vice President.

We notified the 20 or so current and former Board members who were eligible for nomination. We received four nominations and sent a letter with ballot to each full member newspaper. Each newspaper gets one vote in KPA business matters and that’s by the publisher or GM.

The deadline was Friday but we kept the vote open until Monday’s mail to make sure any ballots postmarked by Friday were counted. We had 100 newspapers submitting their vote.

In a good, close race, Jeff Jobe was elected Vice President for 2018 and will begin his term immediately.

Others nominated were Dennis Brown, Regina Catlett and Jeff Moreland. They have all been notified of the election and we took that opportunity to thank them for their interest in being nominated and for their continued support of KPA.

As for the Treasurer’s position, prior to the election, the Executive Committee had already asked Regina Catlett to serve the remainder of 2018 as Treasurer. However, that depended on whether she would be elected Vice President. 

You may recall that at the Fall Board Retreat, we had two candidates nominated to be Treasurer and we held the Board vote on that Friday. Larry Hensley won by one vote over Regina. 

Of course, Larry has left Kentucky and the Executive Committee appointed Regina to serve the rest of the term since she was the only other nominee for the position at the Board Retreat. She, too, takes office immediately.

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