News Ed/New Media Division to hold Zoom meeting to discuss 2020 KPA contest


The KPA News Editorial and KPA New Media Division will be having a virtual meeting, by Zoom, Friday afternoon to talk about the 2020 Kentucky Press Association Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers contest.

What’s known is this:

• the contest period will be for all editions published between October 1, 2019, and September 30, 2020

• the contest entry deadline will be mid-October, 2020

• the Associated Press is again sponsoring the Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award, first awarded in 2019. See related story elsewhere in today’s On Second Thought — AP to sponsor Jon Fleischaker FOI Award

• newspapers that have changed frequency in the contest period will compete in the division it was in as of October, 2019. A daily that has changed to multi-weekly because of COVID-19, will compete in its original daily division. Newspapers that were multi-weekly as of October, 2019, but changed to weekly since, will compete as a multi-weekly

• KPA is having a Journalist of the Year Award in the Daily Division, Weekly Division and Student Publications Division. One award will be presented to an individual in each division who tallied the most points — 5 points for a first place, 3 points for a second place and 1 point for a third place. A journalist will be eligible for points from only one newspaper

IF, and that’s capitalized because it is the operative word, KPA is able to hold its 2021 KPA Winter Convention at the Marriott East in Louisville, the awards presentations for the KPA Ad Contest and KPA News Contest are scheduled for Friday, January 22.


Any other changes the combined divisions made in the contest will be revised, shared with those involved for approval and then shared with members.

We expect to have the entire contest — News and Advertising — packets available in early August. Emails will be sent to publishers, editors and ad managers, and shared in On Second Thought, when the packets are available online.

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