News Enterprise ad program helping businesses get back on their feet

As Kentucky began a phased reopening of businesses this week, The News-Enterprise in Elizabethtown introduced a Community Pandemic Relief Program to help locally owned businesses get back on their feet.

The paper is providing one free print advertisement in the newspaper (an eighth of a page) to every locally owned business as each reopens its storefront — free of any cost or future commitment.  The advertisement can be used to announce that the business once again is open to the public, explain any new procedures that might be necessary or to communicate new hours of operation.

Chris Ordway, publisher of The News-Enterprise, said, “There are no strings attached to this offer. It doesn’t matter if the business ever has been a customer of The News-Enterprise. We still want to help.

The paper also is offering an incentive to companies to purchase additional advertising — as an investment in local marketing and promotion efforts going forward. In a column published Sunday, Chris said The News-Enterprise will match dollar-for-dollar local businesses’ added retail advertising spending up to $1,000 a month through June.

“If your business spends $1,000 on retail advertising,” Ordway wrote, “we will match that spending during the same month with another $1,000 equivalent of free retail advertising space. The program will involve both print and digital advertising in Hardin County…

“We’re all stakeholders in this process. The health of our local economy is an important factor that impacts quality of life for everyone who lives here.”

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