News Express intern makes first trip to Eastern Kentucky, ends up she’ll begin her career with the Pikeville tri-weekly

Nicole Ziege

By Nicole Ziege, Western Kentucky University, Appalachian News Express Pikeville

My name is Nicole Ziege, and I had only interned at my student newspaper, the College Heights Herald, before coming to intern at the Appalachian News-Express in Pikeville, Kentucky. I decided to apply for the Kentucky Press Association summer internships because I hoped to gain more journalism experience while covering a community I have not reported on previously.

Prior to starting my internship, I had never visited Eastern Kentucky, and I was excited about the wide range of topics I could cover during my time there. Being a graduate of Western Kentucky University, I had some experience writing stories for my college’s student newspaper, but because I had not served as an editor at the newspaper, my knowledge on the mechanics of managing content for a newspaper was limited to a few classes I took for my journalism degree. I was taught to report on stories at a very quick pace, due to the necessity of adapting to a digital journalism landscape.

While working at the Appalachian News-Express, I have been able to gain a new perspective on writing in journalism. Although I continue digital coverage of news events and breaking news on social media and online, I have been able to take more time with the stories I write and with the people I meet for those stories, which has given me more appreciation for Eastern Kentucky as a whole.

I enjoy coming to work every day because I love the environment and the people I work with. I think I have been successful while completing my KPA internship this summer, and because I have enjoyed my time here as a reporter, I have chosen to stay on as a staff writer for the Appalachian News-Express.

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