News-Graphic changing schedule; finds boom in online access

From the Georgetown News-Graphic

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit Kentucky, newspapers saw advertising fall and as a result, many made changes in their production schedules.

Georgetown News-Graphic publisher Mike Scogin was among the first to react, stopping the Tuesday publication but maintaining Thursday’s and Saturday’s print edition.

Last weekend, Scogin told his readers the schedule is changing again. Beginning the first of June, Georgetown will keep its twice-weekly schedule but will publish on Tuesdays and Fridays.

While print schedules might have changed, many newspapers have seen large increases in people accessing online editions, websites, mobile websites and newspaper apps.

In the front page story notifying readers of the new print schedule, Scogin noted the huge increase in online access to the Scott County publication,.

“During the past two months of the pandemic, our website,, has seen some 117,449 unique visitors in March and 115,988 unique visitors in April.” He noted that it’s a “clear indication” more and more people are going to newspaper websites to get their news online.

Scogin pointed out that the pandemic has taken its toll on News-Graphic advertisers and that newspapers have been hit particularly hard with four Kentucky newspapers closing permanently, many others reducing publication dates “and at least one press operation has ceased operation.” He also noted that the News-Graphic has received “several donations as people have shown their appreciation for the newspaper.”

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