To get a little more mileage for news release clients and to keep the KPA Facebook and Twitter pages active, David Spencer developed a way to use Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to news releases we post on But the format left a little to be desired. It had the link to on it twice before getting the headline and story on Facebook. Twitter is another story because of the 140-character limit.

Now David’s got it so that just the headline and news release will post on Facebook after its posted on accesskpa. That makes it more attractive and it gives us an additional way to charge for releases. For Twitter, David’s just going to use the headline and the link on access to the full story.

We were charging $50 to post a news release electronically, and giving clients Facebook and Twitter. As of Wednesday, we are still charging the $50 for a release to be on access, but we’re charging $25 for it to go on Facebook and another $25 if they want it on Twitter as well. It’s optional if a client wants it on Facebook and Twitter, but they can’t “buy” either of those alone. They must pay for the release on access first, and then we’ll upcharge the Facebook and/or Twitter postings.

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